Irving Street, Malvern—Design collaboration between award-winning BE Architecture and Eckersley Garden Architecture. Brought to you by Aperture, and built by Flux Construction—part of Figurehead Group. SOLD OUT.




The Local Project

Unified through palette and form, Irving Street Townhouses are conceived through a binding, similar-veined approach, yet each carves its own unique address. B.E. Architecture joins forces with developer Figurehead in exploring an alternative to the traditional development model, brought together through refinement and tactility.

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Developed as an individual house, a collective interest in craftsmanship and the importance of material choice was a driving factor behind the specification for this design. Soft chalk toned rumbled brickwork in combination with insitu white concrete were incorporated to create a warm palette of textured materials.

Brick arches and concrete colonnades are time honoured details that whilst referenced in a distinctive, contemporary manner, is also evocative of something that’s instantly established and sits comfortably amongst the appeal of the surrounding period buildings that typify the area.



2021 MBAV Awards– Best Multi Unit Development– Up to 3 Units (Winner)

2021 Urban Developer Awards– Development of the Year - Small-Scale Residential (1-3) (Finalist, TBA)

MBA Awards– National Medium Density– 2 to 5 Dwellings (Finalist)

2021 Think Brick Awards (Finalist)

VIC AIA Awards (Shortlisted)


B.E Architecture

Led by directors Broderick Ely, Jonathon Boucher, and Andrew Piva, the B.E Architecture team is young, dynamic and multicultural, with a range of personal interests and specialities.

Members of the firm work closely with their clients, builders, and individual contractors to ensure that the building expresses the client it was built for and everything needed is in its place. The designs are quiet, yet strong creating a response that is appropriate to its surroundings with attention to materiality that ensures projects will continue to improve over the passage of time.

Flux by Figurehead

Flux, developed to focus on ambitious, innovative projects, and backed by Figurehead’s entrenched industry reputation for uncompromising quality, realises bold architectural vision with skill and passion.

Forged from Figurehead’s years of experience, Flux works in tandem with leading consultants, contractors and tradespeople; each one carefully selected to deliver projects of the highest calibre.

Irving St Malvern, is an architecturally designed luxury project developed by Figurehead and delivered by Flux – a winning double act ensuring streamlined delivery and uncompromising quality from inception to completion.

Eckersley Garden Architecture

Established by iconic designer Rick Eckersley, with partners Scott Leung and Myles Broad, Eckersley Garden Architecture understands how space and facility work together. We design for lifestyle and amenity, believing both form and function should be considered and neither compromised.

With a horticultural focus, we create relaxed and tactile gardens that invite our clients to enjoy their outdoor space. You won’t find rows of box hedge here – just plenty of dirt under our fingernails.

We’re driven to work collaboratively with our clients, architects and contractors, turning a brief into a carefully considered garden that will evolve for years to come.

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